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Tips To Wear Women Casual Suits

Women casual suit is always must-be choice for  business women. Female casual suit not only can be used to wear on formal occasions, also can be transformed into a chic plainclothes  on many occasions.Here are some small tips for you.

  • 1. Women casual suit with elegant style

Blue shirt + black-white-collar small suit + jeans.  Tie-in proposal: This style is  OL's favorite absolutely.   Black and white will  never be out-dated in the fashion tide. If you wear a blue shirt as a  base, it can better reflect a woman's white skin.  On the other hand black and white-collar small suit can get rid of the dull sense black brings. An ordinary pair of jeans is both slim and very convenient. 

  • 2. Women casual suit with  sweet favor

Print dress + dark blue suit + purple Legging. Tie-in proposal: watching the store selling a variety of colors Legging ,won't you be a little tempted? But how to match colors to be very fashionable but not dazzling? You can choose a colorful print dress to back, accompanied by a small dark suit , sweet feminine will be shown.

Floral patterns dress + black suit + black transparent Legging. Recommendations: If you lan to join a party or get-together at night, you can choose this style, Floral patterns dress can produce a hazy beauty. With a black suit and white high heels to collocate, sweet  without losing elegance.

  • 3. Smalll women lesuire suit with a personality style

Black knit gown + printing vest + gray knit jacket + Army, and green suit.  Tie-in proposal: although with more clothes, little bloated. Black knit gown worn next to the skin,  women's exotic amorous feelings can be expressed fully with a printing small vest.  Outside wearing a gray knit jacket and Army green long suit, and a pair of brown boots, a light-red colored handbag, personality flavor is indeeed .

There are also many other suggestions.  1)Women casual suit  with dress  distributes thick dark blue dresses intellectual lady flavor. Slightly curved skirt body feels more classical feel. 2)Women casual suit  with  shorts . A simple T-shirt with loose shorts full of sweet feel.Black jacket outside also looks equally charming and handsome, etc. 

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Wedding Dresses Trends of 2013 From 

Because not every woman is in the market for a wedding dress every year, wedding dress trends aren?t as widely known as the trends for upcoming season.  Even though many women won?t walk down the aisle and therefore aren?t interested in bridal wear trends for the year, it?s still worthwhile knowing where the bridal trends are at in the year?often times bridal wear influences elements of our casual wear!


                  Bare/Lace/Detail on the back


For 2013, wedding dresses are taking the plunge in the neckline . . . but not where you would think.  The back of the dress is what?s going low this season.  One of the most major trends for this season is baring your back in some way, be it covering the back with lace or, lace frame or a completely cutout back.  If you opt for a backless dress, make sure your back is ready to be bared by exfoliating and toning the muscles in your back.

  Colorful gowns

         Get ready to wave goodbye to all white gowns going down the runway.  This upcoming wedding season shows us gowns in all different hues and shades.  The majority of colored gowns this season are inspired by the pastel trend that we saw in the spring, making everyone more in the mood for the sweets to follow the ceremony.   Of course, some brides might not be able to fathom getting married in cotton candy pink but still want to indulge in their ?sweet tooth?. These brides have the ability to add a touch of color in their sash, flowers or shoes.


  Long Sleeves


Whether or not you agree with the suggestion that this trend started with the Royal wedding dress, one thing is true: she had a long sleeved dress and now that trend is over taking the runway.  Longer sleeves also serve out to balance the extra bareness on the backs of this season?s dresses.  Long sleeves are seen in solid fabrics or lacey fabrics and go as far down as the wrist or as far up as the elbow. 


 Twenties Girls


These dresses are made especially for the women that thrive on the look and feel of bygone eras.  Featuring dropped waistlines, sultry fabrics and draping to enhance the female form, these dresses have it all.  If you make the decision to wear a ?twenties dress,? make sure to commit!  These dresses were made for pearls, glitter, glamour and stilettos.  The patterns and appliqués on these dresses can even mock the designs of the 20s with art deco inspirations.  This trend of wedding dresses is for the women who aim for a more sultriness and something that is different from the traditional dress but not too far. 




         Destination weddings are almost the usual weddings now and women are looking to have a wedding somewhere or sometime that?s different; which is why there is a need for outwear on your wedding day.   Capes and wraps that are actually a part of, or match, your dress are another trend for wedding dresses in 2013. For a little bit of covering, there are layers of tulle or organza.  For more warmth in a winter wedding, knitted capes and fur (faux or real) keep you warm and look elegant on your special day. 

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The Prom Dress And Hallowmas

Its that time of the year where we get dressed up and head out to party as our favourite character. Hallowmas, also known as Halloween, is a wonderful time of the year where we all get a chance to play dress up regardless of our ages.

It brings out the big kid in us all and allows us the chance to become the characters we see in the movies or on TV. Want to dress up as a ballerina? Now is your chance. Want to dress up as Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies? Go ahead and knock yourself out.

If your unsure what halloween is, here is a breif overview: Halloween was original a celebration of the dead. Older cultures believed that on all hallows eve the dead would rise to haunt them, so they choose to make it a celebration of their lifes in an attempt to keep the ghosts from the past away.

Fast forward to present day and we still celebrate the occassion but just not in the same way our ancestors did. A lot of us use the occassion to hold a party, while certain events may be held on the on the same day which can add a little extra flavour to the overall atmosphere, especially when every one can dress themselves in their favourite disguise.

Some of you may be going to your prom on halloween which begs the question; which kind of prom dress should you wear?

Well, since its hallowmas, you don't have to stick with the traditional prom dress. You can go that extra mile and really express yourself by wearing a dress which looks tatty and worn and no one will say anything about it.

There is a very large selection of dresses you can go for. If your favourite celebrity is a pop star you can find prom dresses which suit your needs, some of which include 80's style sequened bombshell.

Not a big fan of music but like all the gothic style apparel? Well there is a dress for you too. Some of which are really impressive with beautiful corsets to match the over all appeal.

There is a prom dress for every woman and as mentioned before you really need to take a good look around and decide who or what you would like to be seen as.

Music and arcane dresses are one thing, but of course there are many others such as Victorian style, vintage 50's and 60's styles, and of course halloween would not be complete without dresses which aim to make you look like a vampire, complete with vail.

So if you have a prom this hallows eve and really want to turn up dressed to look like your favourite character, celebrity or vampire then take a good a look around. 

There is a world of choice out there and the best place to start looking is online. There is a large number of websites which specialize in halloween prom dresses. Some offer hand made ones while others are ready made and ready to wear.

Regardless of whatever you decide to wear to your prom, just remember to have a happy halloween.

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