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Basic Knowledge and Use of Tattoo Accessories
Tip is connected at the end of the grip. These vary in size depending on the number, size and shape of the needle you are using. The ends of your needles will rest in them to help guide them as the machine generates punch to the needles.

2) Grip
Grip is used as the connection between the machine and the tip. This will be the part that you hold onto during the tattooing process.

3) Needles
Needles are used to drive the ink into the subcutaneous layer of the skin so that the tattoo becomes permanent. The needles used are normally in a group called sharps and attached to a needle bar. There are two different types of tattoo needle which are used for specific tasks, a liner needle and a shading needle.

4) Gloves
Disposable gloves are used to protect tattoo artist and clients from contamination.

5) Razors
Razors are used to shave hair to make sure skin area is free to hair before tattooing. Disposable is necessary.

6) Adjustment Tool Set?Hex Key or Allen Wrench?
The hex key is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head. In the tattoo kit, the hex key is used to adjust the machine screws or the grips screws. In most kits, two or three hex keys are attached.

7) Rubber Bands
Rubber bands are used around the machine to help hold the needle at the back of the tube's tip so that it stabilizes the position of needles tip leaving and re-entering the tip.

8) Needle Grommets
Needle grommets are placed at the end of the armature bar just beneath the machine spring. Hook the loop of your needle onto the grommet. The purpose is to ensure the end of the needle bar (the loop) fits snug.

9) O-rings
O-rings are put on to take up the slack between the front spring and the A-bar. It smooths out the sound and performance. O-rings will make your machine run a little faster because of the little bit of extra tension that they add to the front spring. But with that, you have to use a little more voltage to push it.

10) Foot Switches
Foot switches can be used to turn the power on and off with the foot, freeing the hands to work on the tattoo process.

11) Clip Cord
The clip cord is used to connect the tattoo gun's magnetic coils to the power supply.

12) Anti-scar cream
The skin must be lubricated before the needle can successfully penetrate and inject color into the 2nd layer. Without enough lube you could seriously scar a client, it also helps in removing excess pigments from the skin after the application.

13)Practice Skin
Practice skin is not exactly like real skin, but it gives great practice so that a new artist can learn how to control his new machine. There are two types, one with specific pictures and the other not and you can try anything you like.

14) Ink Cups
Ink cups are used to hold different colors. New ink cups are used for each tattoo and one for each color in order to prevent cross contamination from one client to the next.

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